The Art Of Being H(YOU)man

Building A Relationship With Your Body Dawn Cady

August 04, 2023 Meg Heppner Season 2 Episode 56
The Art Of Being H(YOU)man
Building A Relationship With Your Body Dawn Cady
Show Notes

When is the last time you really heard and responded to the messages your body is trying to send you? If you are anything like me it seems so much easier to just stay in your head - completely disconnected from your body, its sensations and feelings and needs.

But living that way leaves us feeling frustrated and confused - often "a mile down a road we were never supposed to be on"!

As resistant as we can sometimes be to listening to and respecting our bodies, our bodies actually carry so much wisdom that we desperately need to hear - our body longs to take us on a journey of self-discovery, healing and connection if only we will take the time to slow down and listen!

Joining me for this conversation is the incredible Dawn Cady!
Dawn is a Success Guide, Intuitive, Certified Holistic Therapist, Owner and Founder of Alleviate Pain.
Dawn suffered for 31 years with opioid addiction, learning how to walk again despite doctors insisting she’d be disabled for the rest of her life.

Dawn created The Neural Alignment Method®, uniting over 120 of the world’s best healing tools and techniques that she incorporated into her online programs. When working one on one with clients, Dawn connects with their higher self/soul to channel the messages, and blockages, giving you guidance to heal from all life issues including chronic pain, anxiety, depression, confusion, and family issues.

Find out more about Dawn here:

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