The Art Of Being H(YOU)man

The Ability To Overcome With Olivia Cook

July 28, 2023 Season 2 Episode 55
The Art Of Being H(YOU)man
The Ability To Overcome With Olivia Cook
Show Notes

Life can do its best to knock us down at times.  And when you are in the middle of the storm it can be hard to remember what the human spirit is capable of.

That's why I love conversations like the one with today's podcast guest Olivia Cook.
Her story reminds us that we are stronger, braver and more capable than we think we are!

Olivia is a certified Transformational Success Coach & NLP Practitioner, podcast host and motivational speaker.  She helps service-based female entrepreneurs and content creators build habits to reach their next level of success. Focusing on productivity, mindset and using their menstrual cycles to their benefits. Her clients are able to increase their income, reduce their stress levels and enjoy their success journey.
Her podcast, The Empowered Woman Badass & Unfiltered was made to inspire, empower and educate. It showcases badass women from all over the world. Providing tips on personal development, mindset and healing.

Find out more about Olivia here:

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